March 21st, 2003

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"Hoosiers" vs. "Igby Goes Down"

Last night Shannon and I tried to watch the movie "Hoosiers". Good god! We turned it off after about 15 minutes, because we just couldn't deal with the trite writing. But it wasn't just the writing. I was bored before the first line of dialogue was spoken, so the directing wasn't any great shakes either.

I can't believe so many people describe "Hoosiers" as one of the best sports movies ever made. Haven't these people seen "The Natural"? "Bull Durham"? "Rocky"? "Eight Men Out"? Hell, "Major League" was a damn sight better than "Hoosiers"! At least it was entertaining.

So, anyway, we turned off "Hoosiers" and instead watched "Igby Goes Down" ... and boy were we glad we did. I would describe "Igby Goes Down" as a sort of Dark Side of Ferris Bueller. We've got the charmingly irresponsible kid, flouting all authority with a wink ... but all is not peachy-keen in the Igby universe. Because irresponsibility might be fun and charming, but it has some dark effects.

"Igby Goes Down" is darkly and irreverently funny, but also surprisingly touching. I think it would have made a good double-feature with "Donnie Darko", though they are very different movies.
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