December 26th, 2002

me blue hair

"The Two Towers"

Last year on xmas evening, Shannon and I spontaneously decided to walk to the beautiful Grand Lake Theatre (see gorgeous pictures here and here) to go to the movies. It was a lovely long walk (about 8 miles round-trip), even though the movie ("Kate and Leopold") was terrible and full of gigantic plot holes.

This year we decided to make it our own xmas tradition, and so we walked to the Grand Lake Theatre (so named because of its proximity to Oakland's large, man-made lake) again, this time to see "The Two Towers."

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Okay. Enough rambling about "The Two Towers." I think it's time for me to fix myself something to eat. Today I have two goals: write thank you cards (with Shannon) for the money Shannon and I received as xmas presents, and box up all of my clothes (it is Boxing Day, after all) that currently don't fit me so that I'm not constantly pushing them out of the way to get to clothes that do fit.