December 18th, 2002

me blue hair

It's Kriffem Time

Woo hoo! Today I caught up on some of the old posts and comments I'd been meaning to respond to. Now I only have stuff from the past two days, so I'm feeling less overwhelmed. Of course, my email inbox is out of control (as always), but one can only do so much. :-)

Tonight Shannon and I are going Kriffem shopping. Must get my mom and brother their Kriffem presents so that we can get them in the mail ASAP. Still not sure what to get for the madre. We'll probably just go into a bookstore and get something random. She's interested in Paris, photography, troubled kids, serial killers, Madame Alexander dolls, and biographies ... so I'm sure we'll be able to find her something inoffensive. Maybe a book of photographs of Parisian serial killers with their troubled children's dolls.