December 1st, 2002

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Platonic Crushes

I get crushes on people.

No, I don't mean romantic or sexual crushes ... I'm a very monogamously-wired gal, and so I don't tend to feel that way toward anyone but my hubby.

I mean platonic crushes. Perhaps they might be better termed "intellectual crushes" or something like that. I get crushes on people I think are really really cool, for whatever reason.

What does it mean, that I have a crush on someone? It means that when they say something nice about me (in email, in person, in a comment on my journal, etc.), it makes me especially happy. It means that when they agree with something I've said, I feel extra super-duper smart and proud. It means that I admire them and feel that I can learn things from them.

I've never had stalkerish tendencies, so I'm not someone to worry about in that regard. But, yes, I do develop crushes on people sometimes, which mostly just means that when I encounter them -- whether it be in person, in print, or whatever -- I find myself thinking, "Wow. S/he is so neat!"

Yeah, okay, so I've got a couple of LJ crushes right now. I won't name names, lest I embarrass anyone ... but suffice it to say that a lot of you folks are just really incredibly wonderful, and I'm glad to have encountered you all.