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Mean Husband and Innocent Kitty

Shannon abused the cat today (er ... yesterday, Saturday). The poor dumb cat was just minding her own business, sitting on the bench by the stairs and staring blankly as she always does, when Shannon suddenly threw one of his juggling balls at her. I'm not sure what he meant to do, but what he succeeded in doing was hitting her in the ass and scaring her half to death. She, quite understandably, fled in confusion and fear.

Then, only a few hours later, the same poor dumb cat was in the process of being traumatized by the Ghost Cat (our neighbor's cat, who prances around outside and mocks our indoor cats with the whole "Neener neener neener! I get to go outside! And you can't attack me, because there's glass between us!" thing). Munchkin was sitting on the living room windowsill, staring anxiously out at the Ghost Cat, when suddenly Shannon decided it would be a great idea to throw one of his juggling balls at the window to scare away the Ghost Cat, in order to alleviate Munchkin's stress.

May I just say, right now, that if he had suggested such a thing, I would have told him that it was a BAD IDEA?

Anyway, so he threw his juggling ball at the window, and it of course bounced back to bean poor Munchkin, who was already feeling anxious. She flew off the windowsill and under the coffee table, while Shannon cringed in remorse.

Of course, being the dumb cat, she forgot about the entire thing within seconds, but I didn't. Poor kitty! Evil husband!
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