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Apparently there's some antagonism going on between the spoiled and the unspoiled "Buffy" fans. Sigh. Don't people have anything more important to worry about?

I've been spoiled in the past. I completely understand the desire to know what's going to happen. I still get tempted to read spoilers and restrain myself only because I did not enjoy the end of last season as much as I would have if I were unspoiled. I didn't enjoy the feeling of watching an episode while thinking, "Oh, okay, now next I guess we'll have that scene where such-and-such is going to happen and so-and-so says whatchamahooey." It took the fun out of it for me.

But that's just for me. I'm not going to tell you what should be fun for you.

I'm choosing to avoid any and all spoilers this season, even if they are only my friends' emotional reactions to the spoilers. I mean, I know which of you are big Spike fans, I know which of you are big Spuffy 'shippers ... if you get all excited or depressed about a spoiler, and express that emotion outside of an LJ-cut ... well, I'm a smart gal. I'll be able to draw some conclusions.

So I don't make a value judgment (except in a completely joking manner, which I will probably avoid doing in the future) about whether folks are spoiled or not. You're all neat people. Just wanted to be clear on that score.

Now I'm feeling all sad that people (on either side) are feeling judged or guilty or resentful or whatever, because of something so unimportant. If I contributed to that, I wish I hadn't. Sigh.
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