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Mom and John and War

My mom works in the aerospace industry. To be more specific, she works in a plant that builds B2 bombers, the planes that will be (or are already) flying over Iraq with the express mission of killing people.

My mom likes war, because war increases her job security. War, ironically, makes her feel safe. When we start a war, she knows she won't get laid off anytime soon.

My mom likes the Republican Party in its current incarnation, because Republican Presidents tend to start wars.

My mom does not make me feel safe. Quite the opposite.

Because I know she is not alone.


My friend John is in the Navy, and has been told he should expect to ship out to the Middle East within the next few days.

John was my first true love, my best friend for many years, my date to the junior-year winter formal, my next-door neighbor with whom I constructed a system of knocks that allowed us to communicate through our bedroom walls starting in eighth grade.

John now has a wonderful wife and three young daughters. He is completely devoted to his family, as his own family life as a child was quite traumatic. He's giving his kids all the love and stability he never had.

I hope his kids don't lose that stability. I hope his kids don't lose their dad. I hope I don't lose my friend.
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