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The Theatah, Dahling!

So we went to Berkeley Rep tonight to see "Fraulein Else," which I liked quite a bit. But I noticed something. All the plays this season seem to be about crazy people. I'm not being flip ... all Berkeley Rep's plays this season seem to be about honest-to-goodness insane people.

It's a little disconcerting.

Anyway, I thought the play was quite good, though I fell asleep for a few minutes with my head on Shannon's shoulder. Apparently, I didn't miss anything in particular. There was full-on babble-angsting when I fell asleep, and full-on babble-angsting when I woke up.

I don't have anything especially exciting to say about the play, because I already discussed all my interesting thoughts with Shannon on the walk home. I don't feel like repeating them here in my journal, so just be assured that I did have interesting thoughts. And now they're gone. Something about the moral corruption of innocence, the commoditization of beauty and the human body, blah blah blah intellectual-cakes.

Shannon wore all black to the theatre. He said that if anyone asked him, he would say he was in mourning for democracy.
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