Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Golden Gate Park

Lovely day today at Golden Gate Park with Shannon. Picnic in the Fern Grotto, respectful visit to the AIDS Memorial Grove, stroll through the Music Concourse admiring the fountains, and a walk around the island in the middle of Stow Lake.

Tuesday was just as nice a day together, spent exploring the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), admiring many exhibits, mocking some. (I mean, seriously. A triptych of three plain white canvases counts as art? And a room with the floor covered in black sand, with a broken mirror propped up at one end and a constantly looping recording of a heavily accented man's voice saying absolute nonsense?) We also made a lot of "art vs. craft" jokes, referring to my mom's arbitrary distinction, as much of the neatest content of the MOMA would not satisfy her definition of "art." Alexander Calder's mobile sculptures, for example: clearly "craft," not "art." Shannon joked that we actually went to the MOMC, "Museum of Modern Craft." I hope to write about the whole visit in more detail when I've recovered a bit more from all the social activity.

Because Saturday and Sunday we were with the Wiedlins, as I've already written, then Tuesday at the MOMA, then yesterday we were with Melody and Jared (my SIL and BIL on the Appel side), then today at Golden Gate Park. It's all been wonderful, but it's also been a bit of a social gauntlet. Shannon has some two-player games he'd like to try out with me this week, and we're sort of running out of week. I'd planned to go to CWC as usual tomorrow, but I think I'll mostly be recharging my emotional batteries via solitude. Thank goodness my usual Saturday plans are canceled!
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