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Maggots and cockroaches and various other creepy crawlies

Woke up from a terrible dream around 6 a.m. Due to some fairly innocuous mistake we had made, our apartment (because we weren't living in our current house) had become infested with disgusting insects.

Something had happened to the bathroom mirror, and all around the edges it was now crawling and writhing with maggots and cockroaches. This was the absolute worst part, but some part of our kitchen had become similarly infested, and some part of our living room. My doctor told me that I needed to stay away from all of these places or I would become terribly sick, so I didn't know how we were going to get rid of the infestation, or how I was going to be able to prepare myself food in the meantime, and my doctor handed me a can of soup & said, "Well, I just happen to have this with me," and then he prepared me a bowl of canned soup (though I don't remember him actually heating it—just opening the can and putting the soup in a bowl and such), and I was thinking, "Okay, dude, that's one meal, but what am I supposed to do with the rest of my life?"

Maggots, in particular, are one of the things that totally freak me out. Shannon's scared of snakes. Some people are scared of bees. My big thing is maggots. So my dream woke me up totally freaked out, and I was afraid to close my eyes again lest I fall back into the maggots dream, so instead I just got up.

I'm trying to be quiet so Shannon can keep sleeping soundly, but both cats have been disturbed by my early rising and are moving about the house restlessly. I hope they just leave Shannon alone, so I'm avoiding locking myself in my office to work on the Photoshop stuff I was wanting to work on, and instead hanging out in the living room where they can easily hang out with me while wandering to and fro.
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