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Been hypomanic for a couple weeks. Sleeping weird hours. Like last night I slept about 6 hours, so I was really tired & went to bed at 9 tonight (2 hours earlier than usual), but then woke up 1:30ish (probably when Shannon came to bed) and wasn't able to go back to sleep & so have been awake since then. So like 4.5 hours sleep so far tonight? I don't really feel like sleeping, but I should probably try again.

(We started me on risperdal last time I saw my Meds Doc. I'll see him again on Thursday & we can discuss the fact that it doesn't seem to be helping thus far.)

This has been a weird night/morning. I spent about an hour cutting out tiny pieces of paper which will be flower petals in my current self-portrait collage project. It's been on my To-Do list for ages, but it's tedious & so I kept putting it off. For some reason, tedious seemed just fine at 2 in the morning when I couldn't sleep, so I've got all the petals ready now. Just need to paste them on. There's a few more steps to finish the project (need to add a nose, lips, and a bit of watercolor paint on the flowers after they're pasted & dry). Haven't decided if I need eyebrows. In the self-portrait, that is. I'm pretty sure I'm keeping my eyebrows in real life.

I added some green to my hair about a week & a half ago. I was supposed to be going to CWC (this was Friday), but got a bug in my ear to dye my roots, because they were really bugging me, so I stayed home & did that instead, and added some green at the same time, because if you're gonna sit around with a head covered in dye for a few hours, you might as well do other dyeing at the same time.

I've been deeeeeep into the Dan-and-Phil "phandom" lately, reading/writing fic, making screencaps from their videos, getting enmired on Tumblr, all that sort of thing. I tend to get really sucked into obsessions when I'm hypomanic, and this seems to be my obsession-du-jour. Or obsession-du-mois, or something. On the other hand, I haven't watched their two most recent videos yet. I think I'm hoarding them. I tend to hoard things I really like.

I kind of want soup. Is it weird to cook myself a can of soup at 4:30 am? Probably. But I'm hungry. I think I'll go have some soup.

Welcome to my life.
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