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Songs that remind me of Shannon

Been wanting to make a list of songs that remind me of Shannon. I don't know how to do that Spotify thing, so I'll just link to YouTube videos:

Ed Sheeran, "Thinking Out Loud"
(Just been listening to this a lot lately & feeling sappily romantic)

Ingrid Michaelson, "The Way I Am"

Jason Mraz, "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)"
(Song about post-9/11 paranoia, but with a Shannon-like message of "chill out, people!")

Jonathan Coulton, "My Monkey"
(What a good relationship is really like)

Adam Sandler, "I Wanna Grow Old with You"
(Couldn't find a good version of this on YouTube, but here's the clip from The Wedding Singer)

Queen, "You're My Best Friend"

Bill Withers, "Lean on Me"

Assorted Intricacies, "Roll A D6"
(Okay, this one doesn't remind me of my *relationship* with Shannon, just Shannon himself—I did first meet him at a roleplaying session, after all!)
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