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Mostly about blue hair

I'm going to try to start writing more often. Yeah, I say that every so often, and then I go a few weeks without writing, but my friend Alan (as opposed to my brother Alan, who is also a friend) posted a FB link to an article about "morning pages," and it made me think about how much clearer I feel emotionally when I'm writing on a regular basis. So I'm going to try.

I dyed my hair on Sunday, and it was quite an adventure. I'd decided that I wanted to do something more like what I'd originally intended when I paid Gina the Hair-Puller about a month ago, with streaks of different shades of blue. So I ended up mixing up 5 different shades of Splat-brand blue dyes: Vibrant Blue (a primary-color blue with a hint of green in it), Blue Envy (a primary-color blue with a hint of purple in it), Aqua Rush (a definite blue-green), Aqua Rush mixed with Neon Green (for a very greenish blue), and Blue Envy mixed with Purple Desire (for a very purplish blue). I did strands of the various shades, working my way through layer after layer of my very thick hair (which I bleached first, for optimal vivid color), doing some strands with ombre effects (e.g., starting with Vibrant Blue at the top, then shading into Aqua Rush at the bottom). The process of applying the dyes took literally 2 hours! I have sooo much hair! When I went to rinse it out 6 hours later (I let the dye sit on my hair for as long as I could tolerate, in hopes that the color will last better.), I dyed the entire shower stall and tub in what looked like blue arterial spray. It was like an episode of "Dexter." I couldn't get the water to run clear & eventually gave up after about 45 minutes of determined rinsing, figuring that I'll just let some of the dye stay in my hair a few days before rinsing again, because I wanted to get started on cleaning the tub, tiles, and sliding glass doors before they stained permanently. (I should have taken an extra Xanax before starting this whole dyeing project.) So then I spent an additional hour cleaning up not only the tub/shower but also myself, because I had dyed my hands dark blue-ish purple while rinsing, my forehead completely blue while the dye was sitting for 6 hours, and one side of my neck a vivid bruise-purple. Lesson of the day: with a bit of effort and persistence, make-up remover works great for getting Splat semi-permanent dye off your skin. Then I blow-dried my hair (since it hadn't rinsed to clear and so I was nervous about dripping dye all over the house) and LOVED the result! There isn't as much greeny-blue visible on the top layer as I'd hoped (it got blue-ified because I didn't keep it wrapped in foil to protect it from adulteration), but there are definite, obvious variations in color from the different blues. And when I pull my hair back, you can see more of the green from underneath. It's a million times better than what Gina the Hair-Puller did for me last month!

Me with hair in shades of blue

I keep being tempted to write a FB post about the public response I've been getting to my new hair, but I've been feeling shy about it, because people have been going CRAZY over the new color. The response has been so overwhelmingly enthusiastic—from not only friends but also numerous complete strangers on the street (in only one day!)—that it feels like bragging to even mention it. But it's been very gratifying and has made me smile a lot. Walking down the street with my headphones on, only to have strangers of all ages and ethnicities stop me by gesturing wildly at their hair, pointing at my hair, beaming excitedly, and saying things I can't hear until I remove the earbuds has been surprisingly wonderful. It doesn't feel invasive, as I'd expect, because my hair just seems to be making people so happy ... which makes *me* happy, in turn. People keep telling me that it looks gorgeous, which maybe makes all the time and effort and cleaning worthwhile. Because now, if I take care of it, I should be able to enjoy the fruits of my dyeing labor for months to come. One day of effort=months of enjoyment. It makes me happy every time I look in the mirror, so I guess it was worth it!

In other, non-hair related news, I've been working on a new art project this past week, and (like the hair color) it too is making me happy. It's a collage of a flowering tree I saw in Kaua'i on our last visit, and I think I'll write more about it and what it means to me in some future journal entry when the project is further along and I can post a photo. Currently, I have only the background (watercolor grass and sky) and collaged bare tree. Now I need to cut a dozen or so flowers out of white paper to glue onto the branches and grass. My art projects are always so involved! But I'm really enjoying it. It's been months since I felt able to do any real art—my only "art" being coloring in coloring books—and it makes such a huge difference in how I feel. But I can't force it like I can with writing. If I don't have any art inspiration, I just don't have any art inspiration. With writing, I can at least write about not knowing what to write, and that usually gets me rolling *somewhere*. With art, I just stare at the blank page and panic at my utter lack of creative impulse. So it's nice to be feeling inspired again.

Okay. We have a contractor due to come over soon (dealing with our continuingly problematic downstairs bathroom), so I'd better wrap this up and get things ready.
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