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I keep thinking I should write a journal entry, but then it always seems like there's too much to write about, and so I get overwhelmed, and so I don't write.

I'm still taking 60 mg of Geodon each day, and we've found a way to make it affordable despite the fact that my insurance doesn't cover it, even now that I'm emerging from the Medicare Donut Hole tomorrow. It turns out that Costco is an excellent place to get your prescriptions filled, with dramatically lower prices than CVS and Walgreens, at least on some things. The Geodon is still sedating me, but not as severely as at the higher dosage. I'm sleeping about 10 hours every night instead of 8, which takes a chunk out of my life, but I keep hoping it'll get better over time.

Note: Thank you again to our Nameless Donor who contributed to the medication fund. It made a huge difference not only to our finances but also to our peace of mind during these three months in the "Medicare Donut Hole."

I've joined a gym, the Curves in Rockridge, and I like it a lot. I've only gone a few times, as I was feeling totally overwhelmed first by La Cheim and then by the holidays, but now I'm looking forward to settling into a pattern of attending regularly. I'd like to lose 40 lbs, but I'm in no rush. Slow and steady.

Speaking of the holidays, we went to various gatherings and spent some enjoyable time down in San Martin with the Wiedlin side of Shannon's family (which was nice), and we also spent a day out at Golden Gate Park (since Shannon is on vacation from work), where we went to the California Academy of Sciences (and saw the rainforest exhibit, the aquarium, and the penguins, always my three favorite parts of that museum). Tonight we're going to see The Shotgun Players' production of Agatha Christie's "Mousetrap" to punctuate Shannon's vacation. He goes back to work tomorrow, though he'll then have the weekend off.

I'm looking forward to having CWC back on its normal schedule, with me not at La Cheim, so I can get myself a healthy pattern set up, including not only time for art (which was sorely neglected while I was at La Cheim) but also time to go to the gym 3-4 days/week. I'm feeling really good about my weight loss attitude, because I'm not beating myself up for being "fat" or putting pressure on myself to do too much—I just feel enthusiastic about getting healthier and taking some of the strain off my knees and feet. All my emotions about it are positive, with no body shaming or self-recriminations, and this is the first time I've been able to approach the concept of weight loss from that sort of perspective. I'm feeling very proud of myself for this evidence of personal growth.

Edited to Add: My hair is much less green now. More of a teal, and not as bright.
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