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Busy couple of days. Lots of Christmas shopping. Lots of wrapping presents. Lots of hanging Christmas lights in various windows in our house. All very festive. I'm really enjoying the Christmas season this year.

My right eye is extremely red again, only opens half-way, leaks grossness frequently, and is very blurry. I'm phoning my ophthalmologist in the morning, as she told me to come in the next time this happened, instead of just using the drops they gave me the first time around, because the frequent recurrence might indicate that something else is going on. I'm uncertain how much I should be isolating myself, if this could be contagious. It looks horrible. I'm just trying to avoid touching my eye and hope to see the ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I'm seeing my neurologist tomorrow for the pain in my left thigh, which has been quite uncomfortable every day for the past couple months. If it's meralgia, as he guessed over the phone based on my description, then it's a pinched nerve in my groin, and my primary treatment is going to be weight loss, which I'm already working on. So if the answer is what we think it is, then—as far as I know—there's nothing he can do for me and I'll just continue with my current plan ... but he said I should come in to see him if the symptoms persisted, so I'm doing so.

I also had an appointment to see the optometrist this week to order new glasses, but with my right eye all freaking out I'm obviously going to have to reschedule. Curses!
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