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Bronchitis 2.0

Bronchitis again!


As of this morning's doctor appointment, I am under strict instructions to REST for at least the next 10 days. Emphasis used there to remind myself to LISTEN to the darn doctor, because I remember I SUCKED at the whole "resting" thing last time I had bronchitis & kept relapsing because I would do too much every time I started feeling a bit better. This meant that the bronchitis lasted for months.

I think my tendency to jump back into things too quickly is due partially to impatience (I hate being restricted!) and partially due to fear of malingering (I don't want to laze around if maybe I "should" be out there doing everything I "should" be doing!). This thought habit doesn't apply only to bronchitis, of course; it also applies to being on disability, among many other things.

I'm going to try to do better this time, and so I'm declaring it publicly: I am going to rest this week. I've canceled all my appointments for the rest of this week & moved many of the things on my To Do list to next week. I plan to lie on the couch & maybe see what stuff is available from Netflix on streaming. I feel like a lazy bum, but I guess sometimes you're supposed to be a lazy bum. Sometimes a lazy bum is what you need to be.

The doc also said that I am most likely highly contagious as long as I'm coughing this badly, so that's another reason to hide out on the couch at home, I suppose.

In happier news, doves seem to be nesting in the eaves high above our front door. I can hear them cooing all the time & it makes me smile.
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