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Mostly Secondary Cataract

I forgot to mention that I saw the ophthalmologist, and he thinks the redness in my left eye has been due to a bacterial infection, so he gave me some drops (four times a day!) and I think my eye looks clearer already. I should know for sure within the next couple of days.

It turns out that my slightly blurred vision in that same eye, however, is being caused by what they call a "secondary cataract," which isn't a cataract at all but which sometimes happens after cataract surgery. The more accurate term is posterior capsule opacity (PCO), and when I had the cataract surgery I was advised that this might happen, so I wasn't particularly surprised. (It was Shannon's & my primary theory about the blurred vision, actually.) The doc was easily able to see it when he looked in my eye, but he says it isn't severe (as evidenced by the fact that I've only been having trouble seeing high-contrast things from a distance—such as the numbers lit up on the front of buses—and really high-contrast stuff like lights on a theater stage). The doc wants me to follow up with the surgeon who did my cataract surgery, who will probably perform a simple laser procedure to get rid of the PCO when I see her on Tuesday. So my vision may perhaps be 20/20 again in that eye this time next week.

So, once again, my body chooses to go the "side effect" route, but at least this one is fairly easily fixed. There's a slight chance of the procedure causing a detached retina (which has always been a real risk for me, anyway, because of my dramatically distorted eyeball shape—which is true for anyone with severe myopia), but apparently detached retina only happens in about 2% of cases of this surgery. I'll just cross my fingers that my body decides to cooperate & take the easy route this time.
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