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She likes to explore

Window guys were here from 10-4 today, banging and drilling and making a non-stop utter unholy ruckus. It was jangling my nerves the entire day, except when I put on headphones to watch a movie on my iPad, which resulted in the workers not being able to get my attention when they had questions, and so I didn't do it the rest of the day, which left me vulnerable to the constant cacophony.

Problems have arisen, as they always do with construction projects, especially on an old house like this, but I have faith that all will work out in the long run. We went with a company I trust (Omni Windows) & I really liked the installation guys who were here today.

Shannon was out all evening, but when he got home we had a look at one of the windows from the POV looking out the back door. We had purposely tried to be very careful of cats, but somehow Callisto snuck past us when we looked away for a second or two and made it nearly all the way down the stairs into the back yard before I noticed her & Shannon quickly but carefully caught up with her (not wanting to make her run) & grabbed her & brought her back inside. Seeing her disappearing out into the pitch dark with absolutely no hesitation is going to give me nightmares.

What really scares me is that she didn't even seem to pause at the doorway, just strolled outside like it was something she does every day. No fear. No caution.

I've ordered her a collar and a tag, lest she escape again.

When we adopted her at the mobile adoption, the little information tag on her cage said that she "likes to explore." Little did we know.
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