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Maybe Claritin is causing the eye issue

No doctors mentioned this possibility to me, but my online research today indicated that eye redness (and eye dryness, which the GP noticed when I saw him on Saturday) can be side effects of antihistamines ... such as the Claritin I've been taking for the past 4 weeks since I had that persistent cough in January. So the Claritin seems to have taken care of the cough, but possibly caused the eye issue. So I'm going to stop taking the Claritin & see if the eye thing clears up.


Taking care of one problem always seems to cause or exacerbate another! Antihistamines that help my coughing cause my eye to go red. Foot stretches that help my plantar fasciitis flare up the tendinitis in my knees. Lithium that helps my bipolar disorder causes kidney failure. Pretty much all OTC (and most prescription) meds to help my headaches or nausea can further damage my kidneys.


Life is too complicated.

So I'm stopping the Claritin as of today, and we'll see if the eye redness goes away.
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