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I'm sitting here with my iPad, hanging out at Poipu Beach while Shannon swims with his dad. The wind is CRAZY today, much stronger than I've ever seen here, but the temp is still nice and warm, so I don't mind it much. The wind made lunch a bit of an adventure, though, since it kept trying to make off with our napkins while we were eating at a picnic table under one of the wooden pavilions. We'd picked up lunch at the Snack Shop in Koloa, which is one of Gary's favorite places. It's a bit like the place I described where Shannon and I had lunch near Diamond Head, except the Koloa place doesn't have any tables or benches: just a window and a parking lot. My mahi sandwich was delicious! I rarely get to eat fish at home, so I love to order fresh fish as often as I can on our visits here.

There are a couple of monk seals up on the beach today, napping serenely amid all the human beach-goers. Monk seals are common in this area & like to come up onto the sandy beaches to sun themselves, but they're endangered, and so the lifeguards run out whenever one (or more) comes onto the beach & they put up ropes and warning signs to keep people from bugging the seals. It's pretty neat. The monk seals are HUGE: pretty much always at least 6' long & at least twice as thick as a person. I love watching them just lie there, sleeping peacefully while people are bustling all around them. Lots of people stop to look at them, of course.

The Poipu Beach tombolo seems to have mostly disappeared beneath the waves this year, though the water over it is still shallow enough that people are walking along it to get to the rocky island. [I took various photos of my view at this point & may insert them later.]

I tried to take some photos of Shannon and his dad swimming (using the zoom on the fancy camera Shannon gave me for Christmas 2013), but I'm not sure if they'll come out. I have terrible trouble getting the focus right with that camera. I've never really learned how to use it except on the most rudimentary of auto settings, which is frustrating. Maybe I'll apply myself to that task when we get home.

Chickens keep running past me while I sit here. There are lots of chickens at Poipu Beach. I mean, there are lots of chickens on the island of Kauai in general, but Poipu seems particularly popular with the poultry.

Tonight we're going to the Hanapepe Art Walk, but the forecast predicts rain, so we may get a bit damp. It should be a nice evening anyway. I'm looking forward to a piece of pie from The Right Slice, which is one of our Kauai traditions.

Our Kauai Traditions:
swimming for Shannon & his dad!
the Poipu shopping center where Mary works
Costco on the way home from the airport
Lawai Beach
Poipu Beach
Spouting Horn
Lappert's ice cream
the Hanapepe Art Walk
pie from The Right Slice
the Snack Shop in Koloa
shave ice
Pohaku T's in Koloa
Keoki's (restaurant)
the "glass beach"

Anyway, I'm just rambling. I don't want to get too much salt and/or sand in/on my iPad and/or keyboard case, so I'm going to wrap this up. The sun has come out and is making it difficult to see the screen, anyway. It's a beautiful windy day in Poipu!

Edited to Add: I had nightmares much of last night for some reason, so I'm looking forward to a nap before the evening in Hanapepe.
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