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Ernie was a bully

Realized this morning that I was bullied. I never thought of "bullying" as a concept that applied to my life, since I was such a quiet kid and no one ever noticed me enough to bother me in school, but this morning I realized that bullying is EXACTLY what Ernie did to me for 2+ years. He may not have been hitting me or raping me (as he did to others in my presence), but he was definitely bullying me every single day.

I've been looking at statistics.

A reputable source (The National Council for Behavioral Health), in one of their statistical infographics (you can see it here), states, "Nearly all children who witness a parental homicide or sexual assault will develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

I've also been looking at this extensive list of factors that affect whether trauma is or is not likely to lead to PTSD & it's put a completely different spin on things. Maybe I'll write more about that later, because it has me thinking a lot. Yeah, I'll write about it later today.
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