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Hung out with Crystal for a few hours this morning/afternoon & that was nice. We worked on a big puzzle on her coffee table (she almost always has a big puzzle in progress) & it was very relaxing. It made me want to work on puzzles here at home, but I've never done so because there isn't really a good place to do it & the cats would be a problem. (Callisto would TOTALLY eat puzzle pieces. She'll eat anything.) Maybe I could set up a card table in my office & then just shut the door whenever I'm not here to supervise cat behavior. Hmm. I could almost certainly borrow puzzles from Crystal.

After puzzle-working, we went out to lunch at The Restaurant Formerly Known As Mel's & I had a very funky (but delicious) sandwich: chicken salad with almonds and cranberry sauce. Weird! Tasty!

Crystal & I rarely get together without Julia, but Julia has been out of town for the past week. J gets home on Saturday, and then Crystal leaves town on Sunday & will be gone for 2 weeks. January is all topsy-turvy in the friend department!

I spent some time shopping for a new washer and dryer tonight (since I'm not real big on needing to use a wrench in order to do the laundry) & discovered that our laundry area is juuuuuust a tiny bit too narrow for the standard appliances, so we're thinking about having a contractor do something about that (since we already need someone to come out to install our new mailbox in concrete and such). All they need to do is tear out a tiny bit of tacked-on moulding & then repaint a bit. We could almost certainly do it ourselves. It would probably look a lot nicer if a pro did it ... unless it was Ting's crew (the ones who electrified our bathtub, built a totally non-plumb wall, and left big holes in the shower wall corners).

I've still been all overwhelmed with emotional stuff, sleeping restlessly with funky dreams, but mostly not remembering them. I'm feeling a lot less like an emotional pressure cooker now that I've had a couple appointments with my therapist, though. Things have settled down & are now only mildly messed up.

My new health insurance add-on started today, so I get to join a gym for free. It's the same gym Julia belongs to, so we've been talking about coordinating our work-outs to hep motivate us both. We wouldn't necessarily be working out together much of the time, but just planning to meet there & work out at the same time could be a help when it comes to getting my butt of the couch & down to 24-Hour Fitness. I'm planning to work on the exercise bikes to get into better shape to ride with Shannon.

I've started work on a new art project, one that will potentially become a new collage book. Currently I'm in the early stages of formulating some collage on the subject of making oneself invisible. Camouflage and such. Referring to the Ernie stuff, of course. It's been feeling good to work on an emotionally-relevant art project again.
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