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No safe place at CWC

Terrible no good very bad day. Verbally violent, frightening, threatening woman in the Art Room in the morning who basically held us all hostage for 20 minutes (especially me, as I was stuck off in the furthest corner of the room & COMPLETELY unable to get past people to leave, while Scary Woman was right by the only door) with almost no intervention at all by the staff, followed by me having a panic attack during the CWC holiday lunch, followed by me waiting about 45 minutes in the rain for a bus to bring me home.

The Art Room Fiasco triggered a lot of Ernie stuff for me, and there's been other stuff going on lately lately that's been triggering, too. I just haven't had the energy to write about it yet.

Perhaps I'll write more about it all later today, and about the other stuff that's been going on, as well, but right now I just want to put on my comfiest clothes & some really thick, dry, warm socks & crawl into bed under the covers with my Sasha.
Tags: anger, anxiety, ashley, cwc, ernie, fear, panic, violence

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