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I need a *facepalm* icon

I really need to NOT do any work on my computer—work of the "importing iTunes library back-up" type—while my head is not working well.

I have been chasing my tail since yesterday afternoon, repeatedly re-downloading ALL of my apps from the iTunes store (why oh why do I have so many apps?), re-creating numerous playlists I accidentally deleted (why oh why do they get deleted on my Mac if I delete them on my iPod, without any kind of warning?), etc. Each time I've had to redo one of these tasks, it has taken huge amounts of time. And the first time I did it—the initial mistake yesterday afternoon—erased some stuff that is totally irretrievable.

I don't even know how many hours I've been sitting at this computer, trying to fix mistakes I've made, then trying to fix mistakes I made when trying to fix the mistakes, then trying to fix the mistakes I made when trying to fix the mistakes I made when trying to fix the mistakes, etc. etc. etc.

Kimberly, please take away your own root privileges temporarily.
Tags: computers, itunes, trouble thinking

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