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Got the biopsy results from the dermatologist. The latest unusual mole was benign but "atypical" (showing abnormal cells that indicate a risk of melanoma), but the doc says she's sure that she removed the entire thing & so isn't worried. This is what she says about almost all of my moles she biopsies. Only once have the lab results come back with severe enough dysplasia that the dermatologist considered a surgical excision necessary. The "benign but atypical" result always makes me wonder. Is this just the doctor's way of saying, "Yeah, it was just a normal mole, but I don't want you to think I hurt you for nothing, so I'll use the word 'atypical'"? Or does it actually mean that something was wrong? When the results were "severely atypical" enough to require the surgical excision, did that mean it was cancerous or pre-cancerous? My online research is all very unclear. That may be partially because my headache is so severe this morning that I can't think very well.

I should ask the dermatologist about all this, but I never seem to remember when I'm actually in her office: I only remember when they phone me with lab results. I should put it in my To Do list for my appt with her in 6 months: ask these questions!

Anyway, the codeine withdrawal symptoms seem to be abating significantly now. The headaches continue—not constant but frequent (at least a few times every day) and often severe (at least once a day)—but my digestion is not so constantly terrible. The severity of the headaches have resulted in an afghan that is now nearly half finished. Soon the afghan will be finished & I will have to find some other mindless thing to do. Shannon suggested that I should start taking orders—they provide the yarn, I crochet them an afghan—but yarn is expensive & I doubt many people have enough need of afghans that they would want to spend that much money. Anybody want a headache afghan?

Bad head. Can't think. Been piecing this journal entry together out of notes, mostly written last night.

Disoriented enough that Shannon questioned whether it was safe for me to venture out to therapy this morning, but I feel it's too late to cancel the appointment, as it begins in a bit more than an hour. Therapist questioned at one of our previous appointments whether therapy is even useful to me right now, when I can barely think, but I don't know what else to do. Would it be better to just cease therapy until this mystical day in the future when the headaches go away? Must discuss when I see her today, though I don't know how capable I am of meaningful discussion. Will try. Perhaps a temporary therapy hiatus is warranted. I could find less expensive ways to guarantee I leave the house.

Edited To Add: Also, must call the neurologist. We're playing phone tag. Annoying.


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Oct. 16th, 2014 01:59 am (UTC)
crochet potholders for christmas gifts :) basically mini afghans, and you can use cheaper yarn than you would for a snuggly beautiful afghan :)
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