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Lots of health stuff

Saw the dermatologist yesterday, and she found a mole that looked bad, so she did a biopsy. It's probably fine, as this happens every year or two & only once did the tests show results bad enough that she had to do a full excision, but I'll know for sure when they call with the results sometime within the next two weeks. In the meantime, Shannon will have to help me treat & re-bandage the biopsy site (because it's on my lower back & so I can't reach it to take care of it myself) twice a day for the next two weeks.

Because I didn't have enough health stuff going on.

Yeah. My body kind of sucks.

I woke up extremely early this morning (less than 5 hours sleep) with the worst headache I've ever had. I could barely keep my eyes open. It wasn't the light that was bothering me; it was just the amount of pain kept making me squeeze my eyes shut for some unknown reason. When Shannon woke up a few hours later, I put a heated pad on the back of my neck & he massaged my shoulders & it helped a little, but my head is still splitting. I'm also having cold sweats and diarrhea.

What was that they said about codeine withdrawal only lasting a week?

Of course, this headache could just be the same one that was (presumably) lurking beneath the codeine for all these months, free now to show its ugly face again. I don't know. All I know is that I feel like crap. And so I'm venting. And now I'm going to go lie down and see if I can make myself sleep. Maybe put the heated pad on my neck again, because sometimes that makes me sleepy. I really need to phone the neurologist and Health Net and the acupuncturist, but I just can't deal at the moment. I was supposed to go to CWC today, too, but I just can't imagine going anywhere feeling like this. I can barely see, let alone think.

If I only have a limited amount of Kimberly to go around today, I'm going to save it for my weekly dinner date with Shannon this evening. And, I sincerely hope, some phone calls (neurologist, Health Net, acupuncturist, etc.) in the afternoon, if I can manage them. I really really hope I'm able, because all of these phone calls are headache-related & so could conceivably lead to help with the situation. Just right now, this moment, I'm so deeply inside the situation that I don't feel able to do anything about it. Only my need to whine and vent is propelling me in writing this journal entry. And even my energy to complain is now running low.

Well, in positive health news, tomorrow I see the periodontist surgeon guy for what will be, I presume, my final gum graft post-op exam. As far as I can tell, everything is peachy keen: no pain or bleeding or any other obvious ill omens. I'm expecting to be told that all is well.

But for now I'm going to go put a heated pad on my neck and try to sleep my headache away, especially since I didn't sleep much last night.
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