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Okay. In the interest of stress-reduction, I have just deleted a bunch of stuff from my email In Box, including about a gazillion LJ comments I wanted to respond to, extending back as far as July 14.

So if you responded to any of my LJ entries over the past three months and I didn't reply, well, I've been intending to reply but have finally admitted to myself that I just don't have the energy.

I also bailed on my writing group with Julia and Crystal.

Instead, I'm going to
  1. go have some breakfast
  2. do my physical therapy exercises
  3. walk to Walgreens (the same one where I waited yesterday to have my Neurontin prescription filled) to wait for a prescription I must get this morning (my Butrans patch, which I am supposed to apply by noonish today—withdrawal symptoms would almost certainly get extremely ugly if I put this off until tomorrow when the pharmacy trip would be much more convenient)
  4. phone the neurologist
  5. make whatever phone calls necessary to deal with a troublesome acupuncture referral
  6. do the dishes (which are in a rather desperate state of needing-to-be-doneness)
  7. clean the litter boxes (which I should have done yesterday)
  8. go to my every-six-months dermatologist appointment (because Dr. Dunn likes to make sure I don't get skin cancer & anyway I just don't have enough health-related "time sucks" these days)
  9. maybe fall down on the couch and catch my breath.

Maybe before I do any of those things I should take a Xanax.

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