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Suzen is sick

I often mention my friend Crystal in this journal, so I thought I'd also mention here that her service dog, Suzen, is having some health problems, and Crystal (who has very little disposable income) has created a fundraising page to try to raise money for tests the vet wants to run.

I know almost no one who reads this journal has ever met Crystal or Suzen, but if you want to help out a lovely service dog and/or an amazing friend of mine, check out the link:

Suzen's Sick

Edited to Add: I, on the other hand, am doing much better. Unrelenting headache, frequent nausea, wonky body temp, but no more cold sweats or the other symptoms. I had a reasonably intelligent conversation with Shannon tonight & realized that my head is clearer than it's been ... hmm ... probably since I started taking codeine. Hurray!
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