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Codeine withdrawal

Codeine withdrawal like whoa.

Severe nausea and severe headache all day, then sudden PROFUSE sweating that started only half an hour ago or so. Ugh. Other symptoms, too—no appetite all day, anxiety, agitation, irritability—though those symptoms are less dramatically miserable in nature. I took an extra Xanax for the anxiety.

Phoned the pain place's on-call doc & she said to put on a second Butrans patch, so we did that. I hope it sticks, given how much I'm sweating. She said "it should take effect pretty much immediately," then clarified that I "should be feeling better by sometime tomorrow." Yikes. That counts as "immediately"?

Cold air doesn't help the sweating. I'm burning up from the inside.

Junkie indeed.
Tags: appetite, feeling like a junkie, headaches, meds-butrans, meds-codeine, nausea, sweating, withdrawal

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