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Reducing the Neurontin dosage to 400 mg/day (instead of 600 mg/day) for the next few days, because from 10 am Friday through sometime Sunday afternoon, I'll be socializing with numerous extended family members (many of whom I will be meeting for the first time) pretty much every waking hour, and it would suck to do all that while being the Neurontin weirdo I've been the past couple days.

I'm sedated, but also simultaneously sort of stimulated. Once in a while, I can get to talking excitedly about something, or I can get caught up in a project, enough so that Melissa (my therapist) wondered yesterday whether I might be hypomanic, but 98% of the time I'm like a zombie. I'm only sleeping about 5-6 hours/night (instead of my normal 8, and instead of the 10 I was sleeping on 400 mg/day), then waking up exhausted but unable to go back to bed. I'm barely conscious most of the time.

This would be all fine and good if I was just hanging around at home & missing out on all the fun stuff in life that will still (presumably) be there waiting for me when the docs & I have figured out this headache mess.

But Melody's wedding is only going to happen once, and I don't want to be shuffling around the reception threatening to eat the brains of my brand spankin' new in-laws.

So, the plan:
  1. Reduce Neurontin dosage abruptly down to 400 mg/day starting tonight & continuing through Saturday night (9/20/14).
  2. Increase Neurontin dosage back up to 500 mg/day Sunday-Tuesday (9/21-9/23).
  3. Appointment with the pain management doc on Wednesday 9/24, at which time we can discuss how much zombification-combined-with-potential-for-mania is advisable. We will, at that appointment, be discussing the possibility of switching me from codeine (the Tylenol #4) to the Butrans patch, so I'm not sure how that would affect our course with the Neurontin.

I'm anxious enough about what the heck I'm going to be able to eat on this weekend's trip ... I don't need to be in some kind of drug-induced weirdness at the same time. Wouldn't want to embarrass Melody & Jared!
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