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Mostly Neurontin & Headaches

On Sunday night (9/14/14), we increased my dosage of Neurontin to 600 mg/day, and my headaches have been much better thus far. Only 2 Tylenol #4 tabs each day the past 2 days. Two days do not provide enough data for certainty, but I have high hopes that this will get me through getting off the codeine, since the Neurontin is in no way addictive or anything like that.

Unfortunately, the Neurontin at this dosage is making me slooooooowwwwwww. My skull has been filled with molasses, and my brain is slogging its way through in order to form each thought. I'm tired all the time & have trouble even getting off the couch. But that's okay, because this is just a short-term fix, just to help me get past the worst of the headaches.

(What's going to happen when I'm off the codeine, I'm not sure. We'll see what happens with the headaches at that point. In my imaginary future wonderland, the headaches disappear with the codeine and are never seen again, leaving me with no need for the increased dosage of Neurontin or any other pain med.)

I'm working on another journal entry that I'm hoping to post later today, but—as I said—my brain isn't working at full speed.

I've been fretting for the past few days about some emails I got (from someone who shall remain nameless in this public forum) about the difference between "Art" and "Craft," and about why what I do is not "Art." Yeah, okay, so I got these emails months ago—back in April/May/June—and they upset me at the time, and I decided to just ignore it ... but it turns out that ignoring it isn't working for me.

So I'm writing up a full response, though I don't plan to send it to the person in question, because I don't think it would have any useful effect & would most likely just cause drama. I'm writing it for myself, just to express the thoughts and feelings the emails stirred up in me. Basically, I just want to rant.

So I'm working on a ranty post about "Art" and "Craft," and hope to post it later today.
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