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I went to CWC today for the first time since the gum graft surgery, so it's been 3 full weeks. It was weird. All kinds of stuff has changed in just that short period of time: Katy (the art teacher) is back from the Berkeley Adult School summer closure, Sara (the intern who is also an artist) doesn't work in the art room on Tuesdays anymore, and a couple of the other interns I knew well have left (interns generally can only stay for a 12-month rotation).

I waited to go until the end of the lunch period, because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat whatever lunch was being offered. Merrie (the CWC director) and I chatted for a bit (she's generally out talking to folks, rather than being high-falutin' off in an office somewhere) & she made the mistake of asking me how I've been & commenting that they hadn't seen me in a while. So I told her about the gum graft surgery & the headaches & the codeine withdrawal process. She told me that I can bring my own food if I want to (since the dentist gave me the impression that I'll be on this soft foods diet for a while yet) & heat it up in their microwave, rather than me eating at home & waiting to come in after the lunch period. Very nice of her.

I talked with Sara & went to writing group & chatted a bunch with Julia & Crystal & it was really wonderful to be out in the world doing something normal again. I was pretty tired by the time I got home, though. I purposely didn't take as much Tylenol #4 this morning as my headache warranted, because I wanted to be alert enough to do the CWC thing, but it meant that pain was sort of wearing me down over the hours. It was worth it, though.

Sara has done a bunch of research on the use of mineral spirit acrylic varnish, and so we are finally going to prep my mom's painting on Friday. I'm extremely excited about it. Due to the headaches, I haven't had enough brain function to start any new art projects for months now, but I've already made tons of plans for that project, so once we get the painting prepped I can go to work on it!

There are definitely still some additional tasks I need to work on before the project can get into full swing (especially figuring out how to work with the text I want to incorporate ... more about that in a minute), but—like I said—most of the actual brain work is already done. I think I'll be able to do the actual implementation even when my brain is as mushy as my current diet.

Speaking of my mom, I got email from her this morning, but didn't reply. To be honest, I don't really know that I would have anything to say to her right now. My life—nearly every hour of every day—is currently overwhelmed with health issues—which she has explicitly stated that I shouldn't discuss with her—and I'm having a tough time emotionally & am not really up to hearing that both the headaches and the gum problems are my own fault, or that I'm making a big deal about nothing. It got me a little anxious, though, because I'm afraid she's going to confront me about not answering emails. I'm trying not to think about it. I've got enough stuff going on right now.

The best news of the day is that my headache this evening is not too tremendously atrocious. It's there, and it sucks, but it's only maybe an 8 on the scale of 1-10. Definitely worth celebrating!

And now for the help request of the day: Does anyone know how to print out text in a long wavy line, instead of in straight lines? I want to print out some text in sort of randomly wavy lines, to form vines in my current art project, but I'm not experienced enough with Photoshop to know how to do it. Maybe I can find some tutorials online.
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