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Headache 10 out of 10. The worst pain I've ever experienced. I can't take any more Tylenol #4 tonight, nor any more regular strength Tylenol, as I've taken everything that's permitted, and I feel quite desperate. The pain is bad enough that it's causing nausea, but my gum graft situation means that I can't eat any of the things that usually help to calm my stomach (usually bread or tortilla chips). Despite the late hour, I'm going to drink the mocha I bought from Peet's this afternoon, in hopes that it might help with the headache, despite the fact that it will most likely keep me up much of the night. I'll try anything right now. Okay, no, not anything. I wouldn't go for illegal substances, for example. But I don't quite know what to do with myself. I can't even focus on coloring. I just keep looking up from the page and clutching my forehead and groaning. It feels so melodramatic to say that, but it HURTS.

I'm going to try plain jook to see if it can settle my stomach. It sounds disgusting, but maybe it will help.
Tags: headaches, nausea, pain

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