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Gum Graft Post-Op #1

First of 3 gum graft post-op appointments yesterday.

- The grafts look good. Healing well. All that stuff. I got my first look at them, since Dr. Cangini removed the paste bandages that had covered and protected them for the past week, and they look really funky, kind of like they are tied onto my teeth & hanging there, rather than looking just stitched to my own mucal tissue as I had expected. Probably to keep them stable while the grafts heal, since I don't have much tissue there to hold them up. Hard to describe. Perhaps they will look less funky when the sutures (or whatever has them hanging from my teeth) are removed or dissolve or whatever.

- I can drink through a straw now.

- NOTHING should touch those gum graft sites in any way—as much as possible—for at least another week. This is important. Don't touch them with my tongue, don't bump them with my toothbrush, NOTHING.

- I can brush the nearby teeth now, just as long as I don't touch the gums at all.

- I have one more week of a mostly no-chew diet, but I can chew a little bit, once in a while, just way in the back of my mouth, and nothing that requires much chewing. He made it sound like I could have an omelet now without too much concern. This means I will be going out to breakfast ASAP. Preferably at La Note, where they cook their omelets soft, in the French style. I had some overcooked mac-n-cheese at dinner tonight & it seemed okay, but biscuits cut up & cooked in gravy to make them mushy were too much. Jook should be fine now. It was unfortunately too much texture for me immediately after the surgery, but I think now it would be nice.

- I go back to see the dentist (rather than the periodontist, since the dentist is cheaper & Dr. Cangini is satisfied that things should be fine) in 1 week to look at sutures & make sure all is still proceeding well.

- I see Dr. Cangini (the periodontist) again in a month to check how it's all turned out.

I've been extremely tired & withdrawn & kind of grumpy since I got back from the appointment, just wanting to color & listen to audiobooks or podfics & rest. I'm not sure why. I'm also not sure whether Lisa is planning to see me tomorrow, as I haven't heard from her. Hmm. I'm not sure whether I have the energy, but if I do, perhaps we could go to La Note & I could have that soft-cooked omelet.


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Aug. 30th, 2014 06:11 am (UTC)
Yay for good healing!

Yay you for being aware of what you want, and letting yourself be grumpy. You have a lot to be grumpy about.

I love you.
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