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Coloring book pages from "Secret Garden"

I worked for hours (spread over a few days) on this spread, using mostly colored pencils but also some gel pen and Le Plume II dye-based markers here and there for dramatic effect.

lily pond-edited

If you look toward the lower left, you'll see curvy text that encourages you to draw in more lily pads and frogs in the empty spaces. (I unfortunately did not take a photo of the uncolored pages so that you can easily see what parts I drew in.)

I drew everything in the upper left corner, the flower and kelp in the top center, the little circles at the top of the right-hand page, and everything on the bottom center and right. Also, I of course created the swirling texture in the water. I'm particularly proud of the flower, leaves, and kelp I drew in the lower right corner.

I had considered the pages done a couple days ago, but when I got the wonderful new Prismacolor pencils from Mary, I decided to play with them to try to fix my swirly water, which had turned out very striped when drawn with my cheap Crayola pencils, grabbing a lot of attention away from the actual picture. The Prismacolors are so soft that I was able to color over what I'd previously drawn & blend it to get the water nicely textured but no longer so obvious. I love the result!

(Ignore the funky line down the middle where the pages meet.)
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