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Not occipital neuralgia? Maybe I misunderstood?

Oh, I forgot. At yesterday's appointment, I think I remember the doctor saying that he doesn't think I have full-blown occipital neuralgia, because I don't have all of the symptoms. He said something about tapping on the back of the head, but I don't know precisely what he was talking about. Maybe that it should cause my head to explode, and since it doesn't, that means something? Except I don't remember him ever tapping the back of my head. Maybe he did it on my first visit & I just don't remember.

I think he said I have "elements of occipital neuralgia," something like that. Maybe Shannon understood better (but Shannon is obviously still sleeping, since it's extremely early, so I'll ask him when he wakes up in a couple hours).

Headache woke me up, of course.

I suppose it doesn't matter what the precise name of the diagnosis is. I'm pretty sure he kept talking about it being nerve pain. So treatment should be similar, right? Maybe it doesn't matter at all?

I need to ask Shannon.
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