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Tylenol #4 / Codeine Usage

My Tylenol #4 usage since seeing the pain management specialist nearly 2 weeks ago:
8/06/14: 3 tabs
8/07/14: 4 tabs
8/08/14: 5 tabs (excruciating headache pretty much all day)
8/09/14: 5 tabs (excruciating headache pretty much all day)
8/10/14: 2 tabs
8/11/14: 3 tabs
8/12/14: 4 tabs
8/13/14: 5 tabs
8/14/14: 4 tabs
8/15/14: 5 tabs (excruciating headache for hours in evening, 9 on scale of 1-10)
8/16/14: 4 tabs
8/17/14: 5 tabs (excruciating headache for hours in evening, 8 on scale of 1-10)
8/18/14: 4 tabs (excruciating headache almost all day, 10 on scale of 1-10)
Tags: central nervous system, headaches, meds-codeine, meds-tylenol, pain management, physical dependence

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