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A really nice day

A great day today. Sex, tasty avocado on my sandwich at Togo's, a walk with my sweetheart in the sunshine, a meander around the Daiso store (basically an incredibly cool Japanese dollar store chain), a meander around the Artist & Craftsman (an incredibly cool art supply store), and no significant headache until around dinnertime.

Given how late I took my first 2 pills of the day (6 p.m.) & the minimum time between doses (I can't take more until midnight), I will only be taking 4 tablets today. My head may be hurting right now, but the day was good. Yay! Finally!

Oh, also, I received in the mail 2 dresses I'd bought online, and they both fit beautifully and look very pretty. A part of my brain informs me that one of them "makes me look fat," but it's a lovely dress and I very much look forward to wearing it to my sister-in-law (and brother-in-law)'s wedding in a few weeks. I will certainly post pictures.
Tags: central nervous system, headaches, meds-codeine, meds-tylenol, sex, shannon, walking

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