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Medication tracking app

I'm having some difficulty tracking my Tylenol #4 usage (due to headaches and codeine limiting my ability to reason effectively), and I was wondering if any of you might be able to help me find an app. I've been looking on my own, but with little success, so I thought I'd ask for help.

Now that I'm in the process of reducing my dosage, I need to keep track of my Tylenol #4 even more carefully than before. I need to make sure that I don't take more than 2 Tylenol #4 tablets every 6 hours AND make sure I don't take more than 5 tablets every 24 hours.

This means that every time my head hurts (i.e., lots of times throughout the day, most days), I have to do a bunch of calculations in order to figure out whether or not I can take a pill. Or 2 pills, even. Or, if I have to wait, how long do I have to wait? Will I only be able to take 1 pill when that time arrives, or will I be able to take 2?

At any particular moment, I'd like to know:
1. How many tablets have I taken (and at what times) in the past 24 hours?
2. At what times (and in what amounts) will tablets become available to me in the next 24 hours?
3. Can I take anything right now?
4. If yes to #3, how much can I take?
5. If no to #3, when can I take more? How much will I be able to take at that time?

I've been relying on my brain to do all these calculations on the fly several times a day every day, and I'm finding it very difficult, especially when I'm suffering a headache tsunami, and so I've been looking for an app that will do it for me.

I've found plenty of apps that will keep track of medication: they'll remind me when I should take a dose, or even keep me from taking too much in 24 hours, but I can't find one that will do everything I need.

My ideal app would provide the following information (at least) to me if I were to look at it right now:
Tylenol #4 Dosages Taken:
8/7/14 - 3:50 pm - ??? hours/minutes ago - 2 tablets
8/7/14 - 10:25 pm - ??? hours/minutes ago - 2 tablets
8/8/14 - 6:00 am - 1 hour+24 minutes ago - 1 tablet

Dose permitted right now: 0 tablets

??? tablet(s) become available at ??:?? pm (??? hours/minutes from now)
??? additional tablet(s) become available at ??:?? pm (??? hours/minutes from now)

Something like that would be ideal, but I'd settle for anything that could tell me just

1. Can I take Tylenol #4 right NOW?
2. If yes, how much?
3. If no, when will I be able to take more? Will it be 1 tab or 2?

I'm rambling -- I can tell. Can anyone help?

EDITED TO ADD: Given the dosage info above re: my Tylenol #4 usage in the past several hours, am I right in calculating that I can't take more Tylenol #4 until 3:50 this afternoon? And am I right that I'll be allowed to take 2 tablets then? Like I said, I'm having difficulty.
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