Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

I've never been fond of roller coasters

14 Tylenol #4 tablets in the last 50 hours, following 6 days of 2 tablets/day. This is exactly the kind of roller coaster the pain management doc will (I presume ... I HOPE) help me prevent. 50 hours (approximately), and the headache hurricane continues at full strength. It's like a marathon, except without anyone sponsoring me to see how many hours I can go.

I try to remind myself that millions of people have suffered much worse than I am right now, but it doesn't really help. The pain feels pretty darn bad to me when I'm inside it.

Tags: addiction, central nervous system, headaches, meds, meds-codeine, meds-tylenol, pain, pain management, via ljapp, withdrawal

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