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My Fractious Physique, My Cantankerous Constitution

This week I began using an electric ("sonic") toothbrush for the first time, and it has taught me that it is possible for the insides of one's mouth to be ticklish. Specifically, the very front part of my upper palate, right behind my front teeth, and the middle of my bottom lip. You learn something new every day.

Over the past 2 or 3 weeks, I've been having frequent digestive problems, similar to what I was experiencing before I figured out that I'm sensitive to egg whites. I dismissed it the first few times it happened a couple weeks ago, but it's become persistent enough that I'm now wondering if I've developed another food sensitivity. (And, again, to something common, since it keeps happening.) So I'm going to start keeping a food diary again & try to simplify my diet as much as possible for a while so that it's easier to identify the problem element. What a pain.

I assumed that my problem with egg was a freak thing, just some unexplainable individual weirdness my body had developed. That makes sense if it happens once ... I'm worried that if it's happening again now, then this might just be the beginning, that my body might continue to develop additional food sensititivies as years go by. I love food too much to be sanguine in the face of that prospect.
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