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Foods that don't need to be chewed

I think I've decided to have both of my gum grafts done at the same time, so that I only have to endure one week of restrictive recovery, rather than two. But that means that I'll have a week with no chewing permitted at all, since I'm having one graft done on each side of my mouth. So I've been doing a lot of brainstorming about foods I like that I would still be able to have.

I've been offered the loan of a dishwasher-safe food processor large enough to puree a couple servings of something (refried beans, smoothies, etc.) in one go, instead of dirtying lots of dishes every time I prepare a meal. I've also been offered the loan of a hand blender for the smaller stuff, but this needs to be cleaned by hand & that might discourage me from using it, especially if I'm not feeling tip-top.

I also figure I can cook a few servings' worth of jook, dal, etc., at once & then refrigerate the leftovers for later meals.I can do some of this stuff in advance. I can even freeze some of it for defrosting later in the week, and there are a lot of foods I could get at Trader Joe's that would only need to be heated up. Again, I'm figuring that anything I can do to make things easier will help a lot.

chocolate (let it melt in my mouth)
rice pudding, tapioca pudding, chocolate pudding, etc.
ice cream or frozen yogurt
ice cream sandwiches (let the "sandwich" part dissolve in my mouth before swallowing)
pumpkin pie, cream pies, etc. (not the crust, obviously)
light, fluffy cake (let it dissolve in my mouth before swallowing, possibly soak in milk)
pancakes (lots of syrup, let them dissolve in my mouth before swallowing)
very mushy bread pudding (with whipped cream or ice cream)

smoothies (can add lots of extra nutritious stuff: veggies, nut butter, yogurt, etc.)
nutrition drinks
mashed banana (maybe with Nutella, nut butter, etc.) - could also heat up for variety
hummus (can be made with various additions and seasonings for variety)
nut butter (especially Nuttzo!)
really ripe avocado
light, fluffy cornbread (let it dissolve in my mouth before swallowing)
chopped liver? (not sure if I like this - I've never tried it - but it might satisfy a meat craving if I have one)
plain jook
tomato soup, split pea soup, miso soup, egg drop soup, cold cucumber soup, and lots of different kinds of pureed soups
very mushy refried beans (maybe with cheese melted on top)
mashed potatoes (maybe with gravy and/or a side of smooth cranberry sauce)
soft scrambled eggs (maybe with melted cheese, seasonings like pesto, etc.)
soft polenta (maybe with melted cheese, non-lumpy tomato sauce, etc.)
mushy dal (lots of different flavors possible)
tons of Ethiopian dishes (lots of different flavors possible)
cheesy grits
milk-soaked bread
baked, mashed sweet potato

Edited to Add: Note to self: Talk to periodontist about my chronic anxiety issues, as these may be an issue during the surgery (as they were during my second cataract surgery). This may influence what kind of anesthesia he gives me.


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Jul. 20th, 2014 06:12 pm (UTC)
re: meat craving

there are a couple options for non-chew meats that you haven't noted. liverwurst is a spreadable sausage (like, paté texture). also, there's deviled ham, which i ate as a child and reaaaally enjoyed, but as an adult, i haven't had it. we called it 'ham paste' and it's ... basically a spreadable ham. it comes in a can with a devil on it, i feel like near the tuna, or maybe the spam.

you could also eat cottage cheese, if you like it (i do) and just sort of swallow the bits or mash them up with your tongue / a spoon.

also consider that you MAY not be allowed to use a straw. i think you can't if you get your wisdom teeth out, because the suction can pull on your stitches. not sure though!

(i would probably do it all at once as well. a week isn't that long.)
Jul. 21st, 2014 08:20 am (UTC)
Twilight anesthesia rocks!

When I had scarlet fever I couldn't swallow anything besides pure liquids, so I made some awesome chicken and vegetable soup, and put it in the blender until there were absolutely no pieces left in it. I added lots of turmeric (very healing) and it was quite yummy. Swallowing still felt like I was trying to choke down broken pieces of glass, and I lost 10 pounds, but at least I was getting nutrition and hydration.

Good luck!
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