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The universe has been smiling upon me with a smile the strength of a thousand suns today.

On my way home from therapy, I happened upon a table full of free stuff in front of someone's house (yes, there was a "FREE" sign and everything), and I scored a bunch of art supplies! The coolest, most amazing thing is this giant "Deluxe Wooden Art Bin" (much fancier than "bin" makes it sound, as it's actually a rectangular wooden case with latches to hold it closed & little slots for all the individual items inside). It contains 36 color pencils (which have been used quite a bit, but I have plenty of color pencils of my own, so that's no big concern), 36 oil pastels (COOL! COOL!), 2 brushes (I can never have too many brushes), and 14 completely untouched watercolor cakes. I was so excited I practically flew home on my bike.

Then I got this neat email. My new backpack has normal-sized pockets on the sides, and they won't hold my ginormous Nalgene bottles, but I don't need to always carry quite that much water around with me these days, so I decided to just have a nice backpack I like & buy a smaller water bottle. I really like the one I bought (this one) & it's apparently from a small company, because they emailed me and asked if I wanted a free insulating sleeve thing (they call it a "koozie," which sounds sort of sexual to me). I emailed them back & said sure, and they asked if I would also like to do some product testing for them! So they're sending me some other water bottles & related stuff to get my feedback. Cool! Free stuff! Free stuff of a sort I actually use!

Free art supplies! Free water bottles! Free free free!

Also, my non-free desktop easel arrived today, so I will try it out tomorrow & see if it helps me hold better posture while I work on my art projects. I find it very exciting. I think it might make a big difference. I'm trying to come up with things I can do to still do the art I like, but without messing up my body.

Today also included a great therapy session, a great physical therapy session, a great lunch (leftover AMAZING half-burger from The Counter: turkey burger with brie, dried cranberries, greens, tomato, and apricot sauce), and then tonight Shannon & I are going to a Shotgun Players play.

Shannon is taking tomorrow & Friday off work to help him recover from the past few weeks of extreme stress (completely unrelated to my cataract surgeries, but unfortunately concurrent with them), so I am hoping he will be feeling much happier after a relaxing 4-day weekend. He really needs some lazy time!

My writing group has been cancelled tomorrow, so I find myself unexpectedly free (FREE! The word of the day today is FREE! Everything is FREE!) until 3:30, when I see my optometrist to get me set up with some prescription reading glasses. Yay! Reading glasses that will be right for MY particularly unmatched eyes!

Then Friday I have my (presumably) final post-surgical check-up with Dr. Lim, just to make sure that both eyes have healed well from the surgeries. My eyes feel fine, so I expect to get a clean bill of health, and then Kimberly's Cataract Saga will have reached its satisfactory conclusion. All that will remain is that actual procurement of the prescription reading glasses.
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