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Working on moving forward

Very little headache today. Huzzah! I've taken 2 Tylenol #4 tablets, but I normally would have only taken 1/2 tab for those minor headaches ... I took whole tabs simply because my body is used to more codeine than this, and so I thought going from 5 tablets yesterday to 1 tablet today might be a big jump. Withdrawal sucks, so I've taken 2 tabs, instead, and that seems reasonable. I may take another 1/2 tab before bed if my mild headache lingers.

I'm on a self-improvement kick right now. Nothing drastic: no dieting, no extreme exercise, none of that obsessive stuff. I'm just trying to be more mindful, kinder to my body, more compassionate about my problem issues, etc. I'm using an app called Mindbloom to help me out, setting it up to gently remind me that I would like to do things like try to eat mindfully once in a while, be compassionate toward myself, remember to get up and move once in a while instead of vegetating in front of the computer for hours on end, think of things I like about my body, pay attention to whether I'm feeling pain anywhere & take care of it if I am, and try to occasionally "art by the seat of my pants" (do art without planning it in advance, just letting it happen spontaneously). Thus far, it seems to be helping me. This morning I took a mindful shower, and it started my day out with this incredibly positive connection with my body, making me realize that I almost always live my life as if I'm a brain in a particularly mobile jar. I was washing my arms and legs and thinking, "Wow. This is me, too!" It seems to really be improving my mental/emotional health, which is great.

I'm wanting to imrove my physical health, too, of course. I need to start exercising more, since my nephrologist has instructed me (in no uncertain terms) to lose some weight, but I'm currently waiting to hear from the YMCA about the reduced monthly membership fee for low-income members. I'm hoping to join in the next week or two, but in the meantime, I'm just trying to think more about my body's health (which seems like a nice beginning step before diving into physical workouts) and continue walking.

I'm still not getting enough sleep, though, so I'm going to try to go to bed by 11:30 or so tonight (instead of 1:00 am, which is more common for me, since that is when Shannon goes to bed). I'm getting better sleep now that my post-surgery eyes are healing well, I can sleep however I like, but I'm still tending to get only 5 or 6 hours a night, usually due to morning headaches, but sometimes just due to mild anxiety, which has been a bit more of an issue the past few days.

Maybe I need to add some anti-anxiety reminders to my mindbloom app.

ETA: Today the director of CWC told me that my two items in Friday's Bonita House art auction were both purchased, but she did not have any information about what prices were paid. I've asked her to find out, because I would like to know. She seemed less than hopeful that she'd be able to obtain the info, but she said she would try.

The CWC art teacher is aggressively working on obtaining some local gallery space to host an exhibition of CWC art, with the intention of not only showing our work but also encouraging the public to buy pieces they particularly like. She's very excited about this prospect, so I think she will work hard to make it happen.
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