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Still side effects from surgery, probably

Still feeling unwell today, but I decided to test out a theory and gave myself a day of reading as little as possible, just in case the headaches were related to using or not using reading glasses and/or the prescription of those reading glasses being wrong, but it didn't seem to have much effect. I still had pretty bad headaches all day, and they still felt like the same general kind of headaches as I've been having the past few days, so I'm guessing that the current headaches are not vision-related.

Since the surgery on Wednesday, though, the headaches have felt different than those I've been having for the past few (several?) months. Instead of wanting to put heat on my neck to help relax the muscles, I've been wanting ice. I almost get a headache from just thinking about a hot pack on the back of my neck! I've been putting ice packs on the back of my neck periodically, and tonight I tried one on my forehead, and they seem to help (though not a lot ... nothing seems to help a tremendous amount).

Also I'm not sure that pressure on my head is a problem anymore. Like I said, these headaches feel different, and so this evening I tried wearing my bike helmet (Dictation interpreted "bike helmet" as "bug count") for half an hour, and it didn't seem to make any difference with my headache. I don't plan to try out anything extravagant—like a headband or, god forbid, a sun hat—as long as I'm still having frequent headaches, since in my experience such things can make any headache worse, but I'll give it a try when I have a blessedly headache-free moment & see how it goes. If a bike helmet doesn't hurt, I doubt that a hair clip will!

So I'm still hoping to go for a bike ride with Shannon tomorrow, but I'll have to wait and see how I feel in the morning, since I've still been having some headache and nausea issues. We're hoping to go for a ride, but aren't planning anything quite yet so that we don't get disappointed if my head is still exploding.

I did some online research, and it looks like the headaches and nausea I've been having since the surgery on Wednesday are pretty common side effects of anesthesia. Apparently for most people they're gone within a couple days, but—knowing my body as well as I do—I'm not surprised that it's lasting longer for me. Still, the fact that it's usually done for most people after a couple days gives me hope that mine should be gone soon, too. It's been seeming better each day ... except yesterday when the headache was really terrible after I used the wrong reading glasses for an hour at CWC. Last night the headache was so bad I felt like I might pass out from it. Really horribly, incredibly miserable. But today it's been better. The headache is definitely still there, but not as bad. I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will get me into shape for tomorrow's gentle bicycling adventure.
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