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I'm still feeling pretty crappy, but at least my brain is working better now & I don't feel quite so much like I was vigorously mugged by my surgeon and her mask-wearing accomplices while I was a patient etherized upon a table.

My stomach is still very upset, which I'm blaming on the anesthesiologist. I've tried candied ginger, I've tried my prescription anti-nausea medication, I've even tried ginger tea, which almost always helps, at least while I'm drinking it if not long afterward, but nothing has affected the nausea much at all. It's been continuously miserable for several hours.

Also, in the 8 hours after I got home from surgery, I took four Tylenol #4 tablets, which is pretty much the max & is twice as much as I've been taking lately for an entire day. At first, it was for body aches as well as headache, but for the past few hours it's been mostly just the headache, which has been pretty bad. I blame that on the anesthesiologist, too.

I still have a colander on my right eye, of course, but I've noticed that—if I line things up so that I'm looking through one of the colander holes—I'm able to read text that is less then an arm's length away (though still not stuff that's really close, which is exactly what I had hoped for). It could be partially due to the pinhole effect, but I'll find out tomorrow for sure. In fact, I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, because it'll give me a lot of data not only about how well that right eye works for reading now, but also how well I do with two eyes with different focal points.

Thus far, things I have noticed that I can read "well enough for government work" (as my mom says):
  • a Band-Aid box
  • the washing machine dials
  • my computer screen
Hurray! We'll see what things are like when my pinholes are taken away tomorrow afternoon, but I have high hopes.

Shannon and I have very tentative plans for a cataract-free celebratory bike ride on Sunday, and I'm really hoping we'll be able to make it happen! We'll see how the eyes are doing once I have two of them fully in action and cooperating. It'll be good to have a couple days testing out the whole monovision walking thing before I attempt balancing on a bike.

(Side Note: It drives me crazy that Apple's Dictation application doesn't seem to use contractions. I end up going through my journal entries and fixing all of them, or it doesn't sound like me at all.)

The nurse who took care of me after the surgery insisted that it's okay for me to sleep on my left side now, one week after the surgery on the left eye, though I repeatedly insisted—in my turn—that my surgeon had told me to try really hard not to do so when I saw her yesterday for my second Surgery #1 post-op appointment. This nurse insisted that I must have misunderstood Dr. Lim & she must have been talking about me sleeping on my right side following this surgery, rather than expecting me to sleep only on my back. Luckily, I see Dr. Lim tomorrow for my first Surgery #2 post-op appointment, so I can clarify with her then. In the meantime, I'm letting myself sleep on my left side some of the time (after all, I've been told it's okay, even if it was by someone I don't necessarily trust, and it means I get a lot more/better sleep), but I'll still try to be mostly on my back tonight until I get a chance to talk to my surgeon (who I do trust).

Okay, time to start winding down for bed. My headaches may be immune to sleep, but my nausea rarely survives it.
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