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Also, I forgot to mention that the surgery center here in Oakland had none of the spa-like pampering I got last week in Walnut Creek.

They gave me a "warm" blanket, but it wasn't any warmer than room temperature.

I had to walk everywhere, instead of getting wheeled on gurney or in a wheelchair.

In the recovery area, they gave me a Dixie cup of orange juice, and that was it. When I asked for more, my recovery nurse reluctantly went to refill my Dixie cup. She suggested that I might want water, instead, but I reaffirmed that I would like more OJ. When I asked for a second refill of my OJ thimble, she actually made a remark that she'd give me the whole bottle if she could, but "they're stingy around here."

(At the Aspen Surgery Center, they gave me a regular 8-oz cup of OJ (with a straw! straws are apparently too expensive in Oakland ... and they would be too tall for the Dixie cups) AND a regular 8-oz cup of ginger ale (also with a straw! a SECOND straw!) AND a little pack of graham crackers AND a little pack of Saltine-type crackers.

In Oakland, the recovery nurse repeatedly urged me to eat something when I got home, but they themselves gave me nothing besides my strawless Dixie cup.

Oh, and when my surgery was all done & they decided I was ready to leave, they walked me out to the lobby, sent Julia to get her car, pointed me at a chair, and then walked away and left me there alone.

When I get cataract surgery on my Third Eye, I'm definitely going to Walnut Creek.


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