Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Cataract Surgery II: Anesthesia Suckage

Terrible anesthesiologist today. I was awake and alert during the surgery, which is fine, but I kept noticing--and commenting--that every muscle in my body was tensed. The anesthesiologist just told me to relax. Bitch, that's YOUR job!

Each time, I would consciously try to relax my muscles, but then I would notice--and announce--that they were all tense again. Again, they just told me to relax. I have no idea how many times we repeated this exchange.

Also, I was very nervous during the surgery, and I remember asking them several different times, in response to things they said to each other, whether something was going wrong with the procedure. Again, they just kept telling me to relax.

Then, on the drive home with Julia, I realized that my whole body ached like I'd just suffered a severe beating. I just hurt all over. My jaw, in particular, ached terribly, as if I'd been clenching my teeth for hours.

Now, a few hours later, I still ache all over like I have the worst flu ever, and I'm having pretty bad nausea, too.

When I see my surgeon tomorrow for the post-op, I'm going to ask if she can give me the info about the anesthesia that was used each time, so that I can provide that info in case of future surgeries. I'd like to avoid feeling like this in future, if possible.

They also bandaged the eye differently this time, which my surgeon told me also had something to do with the anesthesia (something about being afraid my eye would dry out ... possibly related to the fact that the entire upper right 1/4 of my head was numb?), and so I haven't gotten to see through that eye yet. We're supposed to take the bandage off (then tape the colander back on) around 6 pm.

Oh, yeah, the other thing is that I keep starting to cry for no real reason, like because I don't want a sandwich for lunch as planned. Sometimes without even that much reason ... sometimes for no reason at all.

Whatever this anesthesiologist woman did to me, I don't like it. I hope the eye is okay, at least. I should know more in an hour or so.

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