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I am testing out the Mac's dictation program right now. We'll see how this goes. It'll require plenty of editing, of course, but at least I won't have to type quite as much & will be able to write more easily while my eyes are funky these next few days. Also, maybe I'll be able to write journal entries and notes to myself using the iPad and my iPod Touch when I'm downstairs, rather than always having to write up here at my desktop, which is not always the most convenient or comfortable. I mostly can't write anything more than a sentence or two on that dinky iPad keyboard, let alone the Touch, so the ability to dictate text on those devices might end up being convenient even in the long run, even once my eyes are all good.

Sadly, I can only use dictation on my iPod Touch when I'm connected to the Internet, and the Touch is only online when I have wifi, so it isn't all that useful for taking notes to remind me of stuff, since I most often want that when I'm away from home. Bummer.

Also, Dictation does seem to require a fair amount of editing. I'll have to ask Lisa about it, because she uses Siri all the time & says she's definitely been teaching it to understand her better. (I'm not sure how similar Siri and Dictation are in that regard, though. Or in general, even.) Apple's page about Dictation says it will become more accurate over time as it learns more about my own personal pronunciations as I continue to use it, but I'm not sure how it can do that without me being able to tell it when it's wrong. I mean, if you don't get any feedback, how do you improve? More research is required.

I took more Tylenol #4 today. I think I took three tablets, total, adding up the halves (since lately I almost always take just a half tablet at any one time). I haven't been keeping track as carefully as I was during the past week or two, just because it got tedious & I'm just so exhausted right now. Everything seems to take so much energy! And I've been figuring that right now I'm just going to take pills when my head hurts & not worry too much about counting them, as long as the number doesn't seem excessive, and I'm way way below the maximum dosage my doctor recommended.

I'm not sleeping well. I sleep okay at night, but I wake up after only five or six hours, sometimes less. I think I slept four and a half hours last night. I nap during the day, usually one or two hours, but I'm still not getting the total number of hours I'm used to, and the naps aren't the same as a good eight or nine solid hours of continuous sleep, so I'm always tired. It makes me a little cranky, and a little more hermit-ish.

So I've been getting headaches, and some of them do feel like the headaches I was getting before the surgery, but they've all gone away with only half a Tylenol #4, so that's an improvement, even if the headaches do often return an hour or two later. Also, I'm using my eyes in unfamiliar ways, not sleeping enough (as previously mentioned), and feeling a bit stressed by the whole marathon of surgery-related appointments (6 within 2 1/2 weeks' time) ... and I'm sure all of that can contribute to headaches.

He going to double, I got it in the headache right now, so I think I will go take some more Tylenol and think about that sometime soon.

Wow. That last sentence was supposed to read as follows: "Speak of the devil, I've got a bit of a headache right now, so I think I'll go take some more Tylenol and think about bed sometime soon." Yeah, Dictation isn't quite perfect. Ha.

You know, I just noticed that my "Current Mood" on LJ entries lately has usually been "tired," whereas for weeks it has almost always been "sore," so that's an improvement. I'd rather be exhausted than clutching my left temple and whimpering with pain.

ETA: Forgot to mention that my appetite has been totally sucking for more than a week. Good thing I'm addicted to Nuttzo.
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