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Adapting to a brave new world of not being able to read without glasses

Today's Tylenol+Codeine Usage
1/2 Tylenol #4 at 9:00 a.m.
1 Tylenol #4 at 8:35 p.m.
planning to take 1/2 Tylenol #4 at bedtime

Looking good, right? Yep. The headaches yesterday and today have often been more like eye strain and tiredness, rather than the deep, muscley headaches I've been getting regularly over the past months. I've gotten those headaches a couple times, too, but they've gone away more easily than before. Also, I wore a hair cip for maybe 15 minutes this afternoon & wore the front of my hair french-braided for a half-hour or so in the evening, and both of these were causing headaches for me very quickly a week ago, so ... who knows ...

Again, these changes may be psychosomatic or somehow related to my different behavior of the past two days, or they may indicate an actual long-term change in the pattern (and existence) of the headaches. I, of course, am hoping for the latter explanation.

I went to CWC today, but my eyes & brain are having some trouble with the work of figuring out how to do this whole "vision" thing differently, and so I was simply exhausted by 1:30 or so & left. I stopped by Debbie's house briefly, but then went home to close my eyes & let my brain rest for a while. Still, it's nice to know that I can still do art, though I didn't do anything tremendously detailed and nit-picky today. I just sort of messed around with oil pastels, making pretty color combinations I can later chop up for collage.

After coming home & resting a bit, I spent much of the afternoon and evening brainstorming about how to deal with this whole new world of "having to carry reading glasses everywhere I go." I ended up deciding to buy two different items, the combination of which I think will make things easier on me:

1. I got a glasses case that can safely hold two pairs of glasses separated from each other to prevent scratching, and which can easily attach to my backpack straps, so I can carry both reading glasses and sunglasses around with me all the time without constantly searching for one or the other because I don't really have room to safely store them both in the same place. (This has already happened a dozen times or so in the past two days. It seems like I'm always rummaging in my backpack, and then often pulling out the wrong pair of glasses for the occasion.) Now I'll always know where they both are.

2. I also bought a really cool, crunchy-granola eyeglass chain on Etsy It's apparently intended for men, but I often like "men's" jewelry more than I like "women's." I'm not much for hearts and flowers and rhinestones and such ... and I find this distinction between men's jewelry and women's jewelry to be annoying and meaningless.

After I get a better feel for how I'm using the reading glasses, I may also buy a kinda funky magnetic thing that attaches to your shirt and lets you safely stash your glasses wherever you like, including a more out-of-the-way location than right under your chin. I'm not sure if I will always want my glasses hanging around my neck, or if it might be more convenient sometimes to clip the glasses up on my shirt front, or if I might sometimes prefer one and sometimes the other, depending on the situation. It's still early days for me to make that kind of judgment, so I'm waiting until I have both eyes' surgeries done & have gotten a better idea of how I'll be using the glasses before I decide whether I also want the shirt magnet thing. I'm quite certain that the case and the neck chain will be useful, but I'm less certain about the magnet thing.

Anyway, it's getting close to bedtime & I'm going to go take some more Tylenol & relax so I can sleep. I haven't been sleeping well these past three night—only 6 hours or so a night, instead of my preferred 8-9—so I'm beginning to feel the strain. It isn't helping with the adjustment to learning new ways of using my eyes and brain, so I'm hoping tonight is more successful.
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